Adventures in SSRIs

May 2022

...and when to do a show in Holland

February 2022

As longer-term readers might know, I have a bit of a thing about David Tennant. I have previously summarised the current situation of my love for him…

December 2021

A few things to listen to on cold winter evenings

November 2021

Baby, it's cold outside

July 2021

Update: I still hate slugs
As if there were any other kind of story about jeans shopping

June 2021

Travelling during a pandemic is no fun. I’m not a huge fan of travelling as it is, by which I mean the actual moving from one place to another place…
A post about how much I hate slugs

May 2021

It’s been a while - well over a month in fact - but I have been keeping busy. As busy as this wall of unending torrential rain will allow, anyway. The…

April 2021

My preoccupation with the government’s inability to contemplate the possibility that people who aren’t cohabiting might still want to be able to have…
According to a study published in the BMJ today, half of people surveyed do not know the main symptoms of Covid-19. Half. HALF! HALF?? Is this an April…