I am the author Marie Phillips. You might know me from books like Gods Behaving Badly, The Table of Less Valued Knights, and Oh, I Do Like To Be…, or from radio shows like Warhorses of Letters. Or maybe we went to school together, I don’t know.


I’ve been blogging on and off since 2003, which means that if my blog was a person it could now vote. This blog / newsletter is my latest incarnation.


Irregularly. But that’s OK, god knows we all have plenty of other things to read.


Right here! I also do a lot of live storytelling shows, under non-pandemic circumstances. You can usually catch me in London and Amsterdam, and sometimes further afield. I’ll be touring Belgium with the guitar group Zwerm in Spring 2022 (surprise twist). When anything major is coming up, I’ll let you know in the newsletter.


I often have things that I want to write about that won’t fit into novels, live stories or radio shows. This is where it all goes.

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Author Marie Phillips, currently sharing things that bring me delight.


Writer of Gods Behaving Badly, Warhorses of Letters and more. Occasional This American Life contributor.