I too am in battle with the slugs, and the rabbits who are devouring the beans and peas and the squirrels who dig up dahlia tubers because they think they might be tulips. I am now firmly on the side of Mr McGregor in all garden skirmishes.

I've used salt in the past, but stopped when it was made clear to me that "salting the earth" is a real thing and nothing will grow where it falls. A friend suggested a deep saucer of beer for them to drown in. That seemed like a waste of good beer and too fine a death for such evil creatures.

I've resorted to a special pair of gloves and a bucket of heavily salted water. I am at war.

Rosemary and Thyme was a bit of soft comfort during this past bleak pandemic winter. It is so ridiculously bland that it acted like a weak zone-out broth.

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Your newsletters are a beacon of joy and hilarity (though clearly not for you in the slug department.) I have never watched Gray's Anatomy so can't comment on your loathing of Izzy Stevens, but as we are both fully paid up members of Team Baltar, I feel sure I'd agree with you. Good luck with the slugs. I also chuck my snails into next door's patch.

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