New Home!

…not for me but for my blog, which I have switched from Tinyletter to Substack, after Tinyletter put me into newsletter jail for this post about street harassment. I mean, I can see that it contains some red flag words, but context is everything, and as the context, in this case, is me being harassed by men in the street for as long as I can remember, my sense of humour about it is somewhat strained. Anyway, here we are! Welcome, make yourselves comfortable, ignore the cardboard boxes, I’m sure I will get round to unpacking them eventually.

Hopefully the transfer will be seamless for existing subscribers, and I’ve moved the archive over too so you should be able to find all the back issues here. Still, if there are any problems drop me a line. There are a few changes, including that the website version contains a comment feature, so if you want to chat to fellow readers, now you can. Or you can just reply direct to me as before.

Right, I’m off to play with the settings. Enjoy and see you again soon, like and subscribe, don’t forget to tell your friends, &c &c &c.